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Crack repair is one of the most common repairs to asphalt surfaces. Failure to repair cracks in the surface of your driveway or parking lot will result in degradation and eventual failure. Over time this will result in the need to remove and replace the entire surface.

The two most important reasons you need to maintain and repair the cracks is because you don't want moisture to penetrate under the asphalt surface causing more damage to your driveway or parking lot. The second reason you should fill the cracks in your asphalt is because vegetation will begin growing in them. As the roots on vegetation get bigger, the plant root can actually push the pavement up and create even more damage. This breaks the pavement surface and other problems begin occurring.

Even worse, if water does penetrate the crack and seeps under the asphalt surface, this will almost always creates a soft spot which in turn can create a Pot Hole and if you live where the temperatures create ground freezing, then this moisture under the asphalt surface will freeze and push the pavement up. You might have seen this on other driveways or parking lots to know what we are talking about and now you know why it has happened.

To repair these issues we utilize a rubberized asphalt crack filler, this product comes several varieties depending on the application. In commercial high traffic areas we utilize a hot melted formula, this provides a durable and long lasting seal but leaves the large stipes you see in many commercial parking lots.

For driveway applications we utilize a cold crack filler, while this product takes longer to dry and often requires our crew to make a second visit it provides the most ascetically pleasing repair. Our crew will select the proper product and discuss the process with you prior to installation.

The Process

  1. Cracks over 1/8” will be cleaned of debris and prepared to receive the chosen filler.
  2. Vegetation will be manually removed or heat lanced to stop growth.
  3. Cracks will be filled with silica sand to prevent sagging and loss of filler
  4. Cracks will be filled with Cold or Hot crack filler as required.

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