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DIY Comparison

Each year many homeowners decide to sealcoat their own driveway in an effort to save a few dollars. What they don't realize is that in most cases it can actually cost more to try your hand at this DIY job. Professional sealcoating provides a higher quality that comes with a protection guarantee, something no homeowner can do.

Cost Comparison Based on a 1,000 sq ft. Driveway



Homeowner Project

25 Gallons of Commercial Grade Asphalt sealer   $141.93
1 Gallon of Asphalt crack filler   $11.63
1 Asphalt Squeegee   $13.65
4 hours of your time to prep, apply and clean up   $40.00
Aggravation, mess and ruined clothing   $???
 Total DIY Cost    $207.21
* prices obtained from Big Box Hardware Store Website

Peninsula Sealcoating

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