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- We suggest 24 hours for walking and 48 hours for driving depending on drying conditions. An extra day may be help but staying off the driveway any longer is of little benefit.

- Once the driveway is dry to touch it is rain safe. We use drying additives that allow the driveway to dry in as little as 20 minutes depending on temperature and weather conditions

- There is a break in period. The first week of use some tire scuffing is to be expected. The churning action of front tires and sudden stops and starts can cause scuffing. It happens more in tight turn around areas or when it’s very hot out. Initial tire scuffing is normal and usually fades out within a week.

The hand brushed applications of the sealer over small cracks and old sealer chips will leave the sealer heavier in these areas. It is however a water based product. When the coating dries some contraction will occur. These areas although greatly improved may still be evident.

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