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Peninsula Sealcoating RigPeninsula Sealcoating is a locally owned family run business that prides itself on Quality workmanship and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fifth generation entrepreneurs Christopher and Daniel Filippelli come from a family that has deep experience in customer satisfaction. With family guidance they are working to bring a quality reputation to an industry that is challenged with so called "Bucket Rats"

Christopher Filippelli

An eastern shore native that believes anyone can succeed as long as they work hard and don't quit. He is well known in the local area for his countless volunteer hours with the Fruitland Falcons. With the gift of gab and a great understanding of what it takes to succeed he is on his way to great things. He believes the customer is always right even when he's wrong.

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Daniel Filippelli

A hardworking young man that has been business savvy since he opened his first successful produce stand at the age of twelve. Since that first experience Daniel has had the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to take anything he does to the next level. Daniel believes that doing things right is the only way it should be done.

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